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Vertov Sounds review | Jeff Simon | Buffalo News

Buffalo News Disc Reviews :  Dec 26th, 2010

The great Russian filmmaker Dziga Vertov was one of the pioneer film theorists in the silent film era. Composer and wickedly astute former music critic Michael Nyman is famous as the first to apply the fine arts term “minimalist” to music. They meet on this disc, on the music that Nyman wrote as soundtrack music for Vertov’s films “A Sixth Part of the World” (1926) and “The Eleventh Year” (1928). It all stems from a cup of tea Nyman had with a representative from the Austrian Film Museum wherein Nyman was challenged to write music for the two films Vertov had made before his legendary experimental film “Man with a Movie Camera” (for which Nyman had already written a soundtrack score). It’s great film music and, because it’s Nyman, it stands up as athletic and fascinating music entirely on its own. 3 1/2 stars (Jeff Simon)

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