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Football-inspired music: composers find their perfect pitch

As the World Cup kicks off, so have the novelty records. But the beautiful game has inspired composers from Elgar to Nyman

Michael Nyman's Mexico City

The composer sounds out his second city for Mark C O’Flaherty

Michael Nyman e il suo Cine Opera

Compositore, musicista e musicologo, Michael Nyman sarà l’ospite d’onore il prossimo 12 maggio alla Fondazione Claudio Buziol di Venezia. L’occasione è la presentazione in anteprima assoluta, di una serie di video che Nyman ha girato negli ultimi quindici anni in giro per il mondo, e che rivelano una particolare sensibilità e un originale punto di vista sulla vita quotidiana. In esclusiva per MenStyle il compositore londinese ha svelato la sua passione da regista.

Show and Tell: Michael Nyman

Seven days in the life of the composer and musicologist at his some-time home in Mexico

Michael Nyman - relishing the fight

Last November, Michael Nyman found himself unable to speak, play or compose music. This wasn’t writer’s block or some kind of avant-garde art experiment, but something far more serious. During a routine medical operation, Britain’s most scorned and celebrated contemporary composer suffered a minor stroke.

Nyman has long been fascinated by brain dysfunction, composing the opera The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat in 1986, based on an Oliver Sacks case study of a musician afflicted by Alzheimer’s.

“That was the first time I remember being aware of neurology,” Nyman recalls. “But actually, what was going through my…

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