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MN Records Ltd (MNRCD119)

Performed by the Michael Nyman Band with U. Shrinivas, Rajan Misra, Sajan Misr, Ritesh Misra, Rajnish Misra, Sanju Sahai, conducted by Michael Nyman

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Sangam – a Hindi word meaning ‘a coming together’ or ‘meeting point’ – is the culmination of a two year musical odyssey by Michael Nyman which began with a month-long visit to India at the end of 2000.

Initiated jointly by the Asian Music Circuit and the British Council with support from the Arts Council of England, Nyman’s brief was an exciting but challenging one: to create a ground-breaking collaborative work between a major figure in British contemporary composition and leading Indian musicians, which reflected both the commonalities and the differences between the Western experimental and Indian classical music traditions.

Track listing

Three Ways of Describing Rain Nyman / Misra
Sawan: First Rain
Rang: Colour of Nature
Dhyan: Meditation

Compiling the Colours Nyman / U. Shrinivas

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