Michael Nyman

Meeting Point

Meeting Point

Meeting Point

Silva Classics SILKD 6010

Meeting Point derives its origins from a ballet of the same name by Christopher Bruce and is set to the music of Michael Nyman’s saxophone concerto, “Where the Bee Dances”. It was first performed in the Memorial Opera House, San Francisco with Rambert Dance Company, Mark Stephenson, who conducted the Orchestra of San Francisco Ballet and myself as soloist. We performed to more than 7000 people over two nights and have since toured the work to great critical acclaim throughout the UK. Both this work and the Torke concerto were written for John Harle. Nyman himself writes:

“The title has a double reference: on the one hand to circular orientation dances which a foraging bee performs to communicate the location of a food source, and on the other hand to my setting of “Where the bee sucks”, composed for Peter Greenaway’s film PROSPERO’S BOOKS and quoted sporadically during the concerto.”

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