Michael Nyman

And Do They Do / Zoo Caprices

And Do They Do / Zoo Caprices

And Do They Do / Zoo Caprices

TER Classics CDTER 1123

Michael Nyman Band
Alexander Balanescu: violin
Rupert Bawden: viola
Andrew Findon: piccolo, bass flute
David Fuest: clarinet, bass clarinet
Michael Nyman: harpsichord
Elisabeth Perry: violin

And Do They Do - Commissioned by Siobhan Davies and The London Contemporary Dance Theatre, composed during the summer of 1986, first performed at Sadler’s Wells Theatre on 25 November, 1986, And they do consists of four linked ‘songs’ of which the third is based on Schumann’s Nachtlied Opus 19, No. 1 - a spin-off from my opera The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat, written at the same time and in which Schumann’s music plays a major structural role.

Zoo Caprices - A transcription of a work for small orchestra (the score for Peter Greenaway’s film A ZED AND TWO NOUGHTS) for a solo violin may seem a foolhardy proposition were it not for the stunning virtuosity of Alexander Balanescu who has inspired a number of my compositions in the past six years and who was creatively involved in suggesting, demonstrating and modifying many of the violinistic ‘solutions’ to the transfer of a multi-layered multi-textured work to a (so-called) single line instrument. This was composed in 1986 and first performed in Paris on April 8th, 1986.

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