Michael Nyman

Love Counts

Love Counts

Love Counts

MN Records Ltd (MNRCD111-2)

Andrew Slater, bass baritone
Helen Williams, soprano
Michael Nyman Band
Paul McGrath, conductor

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Act 1 (CD 1)
1. “Excuse me. Excuse me.”
2. “This lah-di-dah dame”
3. “Wore these my first pro win”
4. “How much does this bill say?”
5. “This is a set”
6. “Patsy, my love”
7. “Let’s suppose for today”

Act 2 (CD 2)
8. “They say nothing is secret”
9. “Forty seven”, “sixty three”
10. “It’s for you.  Why is it for you?”
11. “Now, in Hebrew mathematical art”
12. “You didn’t tell me you did this every morning”
13. Instrumental 1
14. “You look as though you have lost something”
15. “Give me my card back!”
16. “Hello, guv’nor, yes, it’s me”
17. Instrumental 2
18. “I’ve tried to tell you what I think”
19. Instrumental 3
20. “I’ve spoken to the guv’nor at the gym”
21. “There you are… and that tree”

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