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Independent on Sunday - one of the pop/rock albums of the year 2009

three truly outstanding albums rose above the morass of quite-goodness…

Paul Morley's Showing Off... Michael Nyman and David McAlmont

Paul Morley meets Michael Nyman and David McAlmont, and explains why they would be the anti-Cowell Christmas No 1 in his world… and they give an exclusive festive performance…

Click here to watch the exclusive live performance of ‘The Coldest Place on Earth’ and the title track of the album ‘The Glare’

THE WORD - "The Word office's current favourites" - The Glare

Kate Mossman writes, in the January edition of The Word magazine…

“I’m still a bit stunned by David McAlmont and Michael Nyman’s The Glare - how McAlmont ever thought to write those strange, complicated uplifting tunes over the top of Nyman’s soundtracks; how Nyman himself was clever enough to leave him to it.

I saw them performing it at a one-off gig at London’s Union Chapel and I really hope it gets more airings.

Record Collector Xmas 2009 - The Glare - Dave and Mike make beautiful music together

It will be remembered for decades

Irish Independent -- Golden Glare -- 5 Stars

one of the most remarkable, heard warming, though-provoking and utterly essential albums of the year

theartsdesk.com -- The Glare -- "...already feels like a shoo-in for the 2010 Mercury Music Prize shortlist..."

“...already feels like a shoo-in for the 2010 Mercury Music Prize shortlist…”

Nyman and McAlmont create classical soul

A composer and soul singer may be an unlikely match, but it is one made in heaven.

Bad news for any artists working on exciting new crossovers between two musical genres, or for any band that think they might just have come up with exactly the right mix of mainstream appeal and quirky individuality to nab the Mercury prize — you’ve just been trumped.

Irish Times -- Two to Tangle -- 4 stars

there are tales of heartbreaking loss and lives left in tatters to be found beyond the bold print of the headlines – and these are the tales that need to be heard

The Guardian Album Review -- The Glare -- 4 stars

an idiosyncratic triumph…a fortuitously inspired collaboration

The WORD Magazine - "This Just in" - The Glare's feature article by Kate Mossman (Dec '09)

A bizarre collaboration between David McAlmont and Michael Nyman revives the dying art of the topical news story in song

Sunday Express -- 4 stars -- "McAlmont’s stunningly diverse vocal range takes centre stage"

McAlmont’s stunningly diverse vocal range takes centre stage throughout, but Nyman’s music is a sympathetic partner.

Observer Music Monthly -- 4 stars -- "one of the better lp's of 2009. Grab The Glare quick"

“one of the better long-players of 2009. Grab The Glare quick”

Independent on Sunday -- 5 Stars -- "Once heard, you’ll never want to live without it"

The idea of putting David McAlmont together with Michael Nyman is almost too good to be true: it cannot, surely, live up to its potential - Except that it does!

The Independent -- 4 Stars -- The Glare is "an intriguing alliance of soul and classical forms"

“an intriguing alliance of soul and classical forms”

Out in the City -- 4 stars -- "The Glare...well-crafted, heartstring-tugging, quietly beautiful little gems"

The music, as you’d expect, is beautiful, as is the singing…

Uncut Magazine -- 4 stars -- “the chemistry clicks instantly between composer and soulman

“the chemistry clicks instantly between composer and soulman”

Q Magazine -- 4 stars -- "An inspired pairing"

“An inspiring pairing”

Mojo Magazine -- 4 stars -- Britain's foremost modern classicist, meet Britain's foremost ambidextrous singer

Britain’s foremost modern classicist, meet Britain’s foremost ambidextrous singer.  Four stars.

Guardian Live -- 4 stars -- "an audacious success"

The Glare World Premier at Union Chapel, October 24th 2009

The Times Playlist -- 3 stars -- "Can't be faulted for ambition or execution"

Can’t be faulted for ambition or execution

Attitude Magazine -- "eye-wateringly unique"

As one of Britain’s most dramatic male vocalists, David McAlmont may have found the perfect bedfellow in classical composer, Michael Nyman, the man responsible for the film score to the Piano.

Hi-Fi Choice -- 4 stars -- "McAlmont's lyrics meld and chime with the sumptuous, memorable melodies"

Britain’s leading contemporary composer and one of our most expressively soulful pop vocalists lower the barrier between classical and popular music as David McAlmont selects his favourite pieces from Michael Nyman’s long career and adds lyrics based on news stories.

Scotland on Sunday feature article -- David McAlmont tells Andrew Eaton why he is giving a voice to the names behind the news with help from Michael Nyman

If the idea of a black, gay Englishman, singing “in character” as Susan Boyle, raises your eyebrows, you need to hear the rest of The Glare.

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