Michael Nyman


Uncut Magazine -- 4 stars -- “the chemistry clicks instantly between composer and soulman

Oct 27th, 2009

Composer and soulman: the summit meeting.  An odd mix on paper, perhaps, but the chemistry clicks instantly on this bejewelled union between Nyman’s cool-headed orchestral modernism and McAlmont’s highly charged, octave-vaulting soul-pop voice. 

The Glare is a concept album of sorts, with McAlmont adapting existing pieces from Nyman’s canon into first-person chamber-pop vignettes inspired by contemporary issues.  He becomes a captured Somali pirate in the strident “Going to America”, and even - perhaps - an unnamed Susan Boyle in the mournful title track, where he out-vamps Antony Hegarty in the tremulous yearning stakes. 

A commendably bold experiment.

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