Michael Nyman


Hi-Fi Choice -- 4 stars -- "McAlmont's lyrics meld and chime with the sumptuous, memorable melodies"

Oct 21st, 2009

Britain’s leading contemporary composer and one of our most expressively soulful pop vocalists lower the barrier between classical and popular music as David McAlmont selects his favourite pieces from Michael Nyman’s long career and adds lyrics based on news stories.

Subjects include assisted suicide, illegal immigration, Berlusconi’s antics, Joanna Lumley and the Gurkhas and in the title track, Susan Boyle.

Despite the lack of hooks and choruses in Nyman’s film scores and orchestral works, McAlmont’s lyrics meld and chime with the sumptuous memorable melodies.

Sound: The subtle, sophisticated arrangements for piano and other chamber instruments provide the perfect setting for McAlmont’s extraordinary soaring voice.

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