Michael Nyman


From Oscars pain to Sydney history: Michael Nyman composes himself

May 30th, 2011

Michael Nyman has a music career that takes in famous friendships, Oscars disappointment and an historic trip to Sydney, as he explains.

Nyman’s latest composition helps celebrate the centenary of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

“Doing the Rounds is the first piece I’ve written [that was] commissioned by an academic institution,” he reveals.

It made its world premiere on Friday 27 May, performed by the Symphony Orchestra and Sydney Conservatorium Large Choir in the Conservatorium’s Verbrugghen Hall.

It is something of a coup for Sydney to host a milestone for a man made famous by his scores for films directed by the likes of Peter Greenaway and Jane Campion.

Read the full article and listen to an audio interview with Michael Nyman.

Source: ABC Sydney

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